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Back to Nursery...

It has been lovely to welcome back all the children and welcome all our new children to the ‘Caterpillars Family’.

Over the Summer Holidays we have been busy making improvements to our nursery environment:

- We have started to develop a ‘construction site’ in the playground for the children to build and develop their architectural skills in!
- We are developing a cosy, comfy ‘reading box’ in our playground that we hope to have completed shortly.
- We are developing a ‘music wall’ that is currently a ‘work in progress’.
- We have a lovely new house and two ‘petrol pumps’ in the playground for the children’s role play – these were purchased using vouchers given to us by parents – a HUGE Thank you!
- We have worked to further develop our mud/gravel kitchen.
- We also have numerous new resources around the nursery that we hope will excite and inspire the children.

Our calendar is full of exciting topics and events and we are very much looking forward to the term ahead.